Frequently Asked Questions

As a podcast we get a lot of interesting questions. I'm going to try and start using this is a place to answer some of the frequent ones, including some recommendations the equipment we use


I'd like to record a podcast, what mic should I use?

The average person at home recording a podcast can for a very reasonable budget can sound quite good. Ben, Matt, Steph and Lauren all use the same mic the AudioTechnica AT2100USB.

Its a dynamic vocal mic which means for proper mic technique you want to be right on top of the microphone as leaning back from the mic drops off your levels immensely. The plus side is this mic will naturally filter out a ton of background noise.

I'd suggest pairing it with a simple boom arm or a desktop stand, as the included mount is sub-par at best. A fairly simple pop filter will get the job done nicely as well for a full rounded set-up for around $100.